Syrenis Preference Centre becomes Cassie

Published: 01/12/2018

Syrenis Preference Centre gets a new name and face to reflect recent updates.

The new logo for Cassie, formerly known as Preference Centre

Following recent updates to its hugely popular Preference Centre system, software company Syrenis has taken the decision to rebrand the platform. According to Glenn Jackson, Syrenis CEO, several factors played into the decision, most notably the changing global privacy landscape and lexicon, not to mention the significant updates to the platform itself.

‘Put simply, we’ve outgrown the name Preference Centre,’ says Jackson. ‘Six months on from GDPR deadline day, the way people talk about personal information management has changed, and our platform has been expanding regularly to become much more than a preference management interface. As a result of that, we felt that the name Preference Centre was selling the product short and was misleading for those who were discovering us for the first time.’

The platform, which handles almost a billion marketing preferences for 18 million customer contacts, will be known as Cassie from December onwards. Marketing Manager Jess Thompson explains the decision to name the product Cassie.

‘The community frequently talks about data as an asset or as a risk,’ says Thompson. ‘It can be our default position as those who work with large volumes of data to think of it as a thing; both a blessing and a burden. But what it’s truly all about is people, and that can be easy to forget whilst you’re trying to wrangle the logistics of compliantly managing data. So we wanted something which didn’t feel like cold, hard data, but something warm and which would put a person in mind. Combining that with her prophetic powers of insight and truth, Cassie seemed like the perfect fit.’

For any organisation collecting large amounts of data, centralisation through a system such as Syrenis Cassie is a must to protect the personal data of their contacts, employees, and more, reducing the risk of information silos and accidental non-compliance. Cassie is trusted by corporations, charities and governments across the globe to assist with the on-brand, compliant collection and management of personal information and marketing preferences. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of the newly named Cassie platform and find out more about further updates coming in 2019.

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