Stakeholder engagement

Effectively manage
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Engaging your project stakeholders

Large and complex collaborations often have more than one party keeping an eye on their outcome, particularly when they impact a local or wider geographic area. The sentiments of these various interested parties need to be understood and managed throughout the entire relationship in order for it to run smoothly and successfully. This process is known as stakeholder engagement.

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Centralise customer data and preferences across your business ecosystem.

Engaging your project stakeholders

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Deliver true value and manage brand reputation

Badly managed collaborations can stall progress, impact revenue and damage the reputation of an organisation. By proactively managing stakeholder relations you can find your allies and advocates to help make the relationship a successful one.

Two way communications are also critical. Outward communications help keep everyone informed about the collaboration, whilst incoming communications ensure that you remain up-to-date on the concerns and sentiments of your key stakeholders to deliver the best outcome for them.

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Identifying stakeholders

Simply put, a stakeholder is anybody who is affected by or who can affect the outcome of your relationship. They may or may not be customers, and they may or may not be financially connected to your organisation.