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Stakeholder engagement software

Stakeholder engagement made simple

View and track engagement at both an organisational and individual level, communicate via the channels you choose and find your allies with our secure stakeholder engagement platform.

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The only stakeholder management and engagement platform you need

SMART's powerful management dashboard tracks stakeholder engagement across multiple policy areas and communications, highlighting highly engaged and isolated stakeholders. You can set your own KPIs against which to benchmark the stakeholder communication process.

Secure and scalable from a single user to thousands

Stakeholder mapping, multi-channel communications, CRM, event management and stakeholder classification are a few of the core components of SMART. Your stakeholders talk to each other, so you can use SMART to link different groups, organisations and individuals.

Use tags to manage data in a totally flexible way

SMART allows you to tag stakeholders to allow you to identify and group them at a later stage. Add new tags to existing stakeholders and new stakeholders to existing tags as required to make a completely flexible system of categorisation.

Simplifies stakeholder engagement and communications


SMART upholds the highest standards of cyber-security, ensuring that your data and documents are protected and safe.


Self-service stakeholder preference management allows stakeholders to update their own details.


Create bespoke tags and append them to stakeholders for later use.

Quadrant mapping

Map a group of stakeholders against a grid with axis that you define.


Combine social media, email, SMS and CRM to build a comprehensive picture of your stakeholders.

Web forms

Build powerful web forms to allow self-registration of stakeholders.


Easily build forms to identify and research new stakeholders, with absolutely no HTML knowledge required.

Easy data import

Combine data from multiple sources into one place with our simple data loader.


Create events, send invites and track attendance.

Cloud service

In partnership with AWS, SMART operates in the cloud, providing a scalable, resilient and reliable service.

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Syrenis software is trusted by and powers leading enterprises and governments across the globe

  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by Jacobs Engineering
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Woodland Trust
  • Syrenis software is trusted by The Ford Motor Company