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How do I become truly cookie compliant?

Effective cookie compliance

Our cookie consent management solution targets both the compliance and marketing challenge to become truly cookie compliant, whilst enhancing your users digital experience with your brand.

Introductions of new privacy regulations, such as The GDPR, and advancements in browser technologies have created many challenges for businesses operating online and dependent on cookies to improve site performance.

Soon 4 out of 5 global web users will be affected by stringent browser privacy. Browsers including Safari, Chrome and Firefox are releasing new and enhanced privacy features (ITP 2.2 and ETP), which will have a direct impact on your organization.

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Why should I care about cookies?

Core regulations such as The GDPR and CCPA have clear stipulations around cookies especially following the October 2019 CJEU Rulings.

So how does cookie consent effect your organisation? Put simply, YOU are responsible for gathering explicit consent from your users on your website.

You must give your users full consent options and third-party cookies must be auto opted out. For example, a cookie notice stating you use cookies, and then running those cookies without explicit consent, is no longer compliant.

Think about it, without the ability to automatically place third party cookies, most organisations will see declines in AdTech insights, resulting in less meaningful interactions with your users, subsequently leading to a revenue decrease! Conclusion, you should care about cookies, right?

Let’s talk more about the concerns you have about cookies.

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The cookie business challenge

Understanding what cookies your website uses, how to manage them and then collect the consent from your users, compliantly, is often seen as a project that lacks business value. There is also the challenge of collecting this consent into one central location for compliance and auditability.

For more information of the challenges download our Cookie Compliance – The Cookies Business Challenge Guide.

Cassie can manage everything from Adobe preference landing pages to API preference calls.

Cookies Challenge Guide

Cookies solution

Centrally manage scripts

Cookie scripts, banners and privacy policies can be centrally managed and updated in one central platform

Match consent collections

Cookie consent can be matched to the individual if there is a previous consent collection, allowing for a full view of users consent history

Automate privacy notices

Privacy Notice can be updated and published in the platform

Present dynamic content

Cookie banners can display dynamic content based on brand or region

Incorporate gamification

Remove the possibility of loss of insights, by incorporating cookies gamification to increase and improve the consent you receive from website users

Retain brand identity

Bespoke styling can be applied to each cookie banner to override the default styling

For full information on our cookie solution download our Cookie Compliance – The Business Solution Guide.

Cookies benefit

So, you’ve seen our proposed solution, how exactly does it benefit your organisation?

  • Manage and update scripts easily across multiple websites
  • Multi branding and available in over 100 languages
  • Automate privacy notices to collect user reconsents
  • Present dynamic regional statements
  • Display an interactive brand experience
  • Attribute and match consent to individual users (when combined with Cassie)
  • Mitigate introductions of browser privacy technologies
  • Access valid and accurate analytical and advertising data

For full information on the benefits of our cookie solution download our Cookie Compliance – The Business Benefit Guide.

Cookies Benefits Guide

Cookies value

Again, the benefits are great, but how do you attribute cookie compliance to ROI?

  • Remove the risk of a 4% of annual revenue fine from not having a full consent history of each user
  • Brand trust increases the likelihood of users sharing and engaging with your brand by 13%
  • Higher volumes of consent improve the value of your marketing database, with users valuing their personal data at an average of £3241 per annum
  • Be part of the 47% of organisations who received two-fold returns on their privacy investment in 2019

For full information on the business value of our cookie solution download our Cookie Compliance – The Business Value Guide.

Cookies Value Guide

What makes the Cassie cookies solution different?

We know we make cookie compliance simple and provide the best cookie management solution to our customers, here is a brief summary on how:

Flexible in design – create a banner that reflects YOUR brand not ours

Unlimited domains/sub-domains

Auditable – one clear match consent record

All GDPR and CJEU Rulings required features are fulfilled

Can deploy over cross domains in multiple languages

Regionalised cookie banner

Cookie banners that fulfil WCAG 2.1 guidelines as standard

Auto cookie reconsent

Low cost of implementation

Very light technical footprint

See how you can gain a competitive advantage over your cookies challenge in more detail by contacting us now:

Need help convincing that cookie compliance is important?

Our easy explainer video can be forwarded to your team to showcase why cookie compliance should be a core business strategy of your organisation’s infrastructure.

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