Real-time management of information and preferences for internal teams

Instantly action customer requests to update information and contact preferences.

Got an in-house team taking calls from customers about their personal information or contact preferences? Add a customer service portal to your Cassie platform to empower your call centre, customer service or sales teams to update records in a matter of seconds. Be responsive to customer requests whilst keeping everything accurate and in sync.

Empower teams to manage preferences

Give your teams access to your consented database via an easy-to-use portal. Using a simple but powerful search function, your operatives can find, view and update a customer's personal information and contact preferences in a few quick clicks.

Configure to your requirements

You decide which fields are visible to operatives and which ones can be edited, giving them access to the exact information they need whilst protecting important or sensitive information from being overwritten or viewed without authorisation.

Quickly manage Subject Access Requests

Give your teams access to the information that they need to fulfil Subject Access Requests well within the month's response time required under GDPR or respond effectively to Right to be Forgotten requests within the required 45 day period under CCPA guidelines.

Customer service portal module features

Quickly query your database

Choose which identifying fields can be searched by operatives

Protect sensitive information

Hide sensitive personal information from unauthorised views.

Reduce data exposure or overwrite risk

Choose which fields can be seen and which fields can be edited by operatives.

Update details in real time

Reassure contacts that their information requests have been handled in a timely manner.

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We found Syrenis very easy to work with; expert and responsive. Their approach to agile working, coupled with their ability to fully understand our requirements helped to ensure that the system was right first time and delivered on time.

Daisy Houghton, Head of Secretariat and Corporate Services, Fundraising Regulator

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