Effective personal information management within charities

Cassie can help your charity to become fully compliant and build a deeper brand trust with supporters.

If you’re looking to improve your charity’s contact, consent and preference data management, talk to our team about Cassie. We’ve worked closely alongside charities for years to help them become compliant and ensure the safe handling of their data. Make sure your own charity is doing everything it can to manage its reputation.

Charity Compliance Guide

Regulations & Charities

The GDPR's original purpose was to protect the rights of individuals and how organisations use their personal data. These regulation changes focus heavily on how YOU handle your charities data, meaning the consequences for non-compliance can be detrimental to your brand.

Data compliance following regulations such as The GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA, can be further achieved with an effective cookie management tool, which will enable you to easily keep on top of future legislation changes and their future impacts.

To ensure your charity meets the new, rigorous standards we would highly recommend partnering with a data compliance specialist.

Achieve compliance, monitor performance and increase supporter loyalty with our solution, Cassie, for charities.

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  • Monitor Preferences

    The easiest way to monitor your user’s preferences is to manage your data from one, connected, centralised solution instead of dipping in and out of several systems. Siloed databases prove to be one of the core challenges charities face with data and its difficulty to track, trace and update customer consent and preferences. Monitoring supporters preferences will enable your charity to react to the regulation requirements of responding efficiently to any Data Subject Access Requests that you may encounter.

    Improve Communications

    The ability to communicate effectively with your customers can help you to develop lasting relationships and actively engage your users with your organisation. You can easily improve the efficiency of your data and empower your customer service teams and volunteers to make smarter, quicker decisions about supporters data and update contact information and preferences in real-time through a Customer Service Portal, or optimise your supporters customer experience by managing their preferences directly in an easy to use Public Portal.

    Increase Trust

    Give control back to your supporters and empower them with choice. If you openly give choice on how much data supporters want to share and receive, how they update their data and the option to erase their data you will increase your brands trust. Offering granular level choice can help to retain a supporter’s engagement with your charity. Further the trust and consent journey with a Cookie Management Solution, as this will help to demonstrate you are responsible with your supporters data as well as providing a holistic and auditable view of your consent relationship.

    Access Insights

    Use data more effectively to gain intelligence on how people are interacting with your charity and review the type of content they want to hear about. These valuable insights will support your charity to refine the overall marketing message to retain and engage with supporters and will help personalise your future communications. Our solution is fully customisable and has multi-brand and lingual capabilities meaning your supporters have a full brand experience with your chairty.

    How to increase your charities brand trust

    A Syrenis Guide to Personal Information Management for Charities. This report will focus on the importance for effective personal information management within charities – discussing the lawful grounds of processing data under The GDPR and why it is so important for charities to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment. Navigating an everchanging regulatory landscape doesn’t have to prove difficult for charities and we will guide you to full compliance.

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