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The GDPR paradox: how data regulation creates revenue streams

As the huge data sets that companies can now leverage become ever more integrated into consumer-facing products – and as the hype dies down following last May’s General Data Protection Regulation deadline – one could be forgiven for expecting data regulation compliance efforts to be low on the list of priorities for 2019.

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Five data strategies for your organisation to navigate GDPR compliance

Over one year on from GDPR’s inception many businesses are struggling to implement data strategies that help them to meet this challenging regulation; however, with the potential risks and loss of customer trust that you jeopardise by not safeguarding your customers’ data, now is the time to act.

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86% of UK's most-visited websites failing GDPR compliance tests

As many as 86 percent of the top hundred most-visited websites in the United Kingdom are not compliant with GDPR requirements, be it in terms of offering privacy policies or secure usage of cookies handling potentially sensitive data, tests carried out by ImmuniWeb have revealed.

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Data Privacy vs Data Protection: Understanding the distinction in defending your data

Data breaches cause tremendous problems, not only for the company affected, but also for its clients. Depending on the company, stolen data can range from relatively benign information to extremely personal details. But in any case, a breach can cost a lot of money for remediation and cause significant damage to a company’s image.