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Data compliance to deliver organisational value

Remove risk from your business with the leading solution, Cassie, created by the experts in personal information management. Increase prospect and customer engagement by embracing a solution that encourages transparency, strengthens trust and delivers conversion optimisation.

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Address challenge and access opportunity

Maximum data security

Have peace of mind with our cloud-based solution that’s audited to the highest level of security. Cassie is trusted by international government organisations for critical data storage and processing.

Efficient implementation

Remove project delays and internal resource bottlenecks by opting for a solution which gives your organisation complete compliancy. Cassie integrates with your existing systems through our flexible APIs.

Improved customer retention

Designed to track performance of opt-in stages throughout your customer journey, Cassie, can significantly improve the value of your customer database assisting in increasing business revenues.

A secure, reliable, compliant solution for your organisation

An internationally recognised solution

Cassie is relied upon by companies across the globe to provide one version of the truth for an individual’s personal information.

Our flexible APIs allows for easy implementation into your existing infrastructure and removes the complexity of migrating from existing systems.

Join our business community of international users, who trust Cassie to manage their most important asset: data

An opportunity for your organisation

Designed from a marketing perspective, Cassie’s level of transparency encourages your customers to stay opted in, increasing the value of your database, whilst its flexibility allows you to stay in complete control.

As a trusted partner, managing 5 million preferences, we will ensure that Cassie is in line with the latest regulation so there is no disruption to your organisation.

Consent gathering that rewards your bottom line

More than just compliance

This is about more than marketing effectiveness: under the GDPR, your organisation has a responsibility to ensure that the accuracy of personal data held, is correct in accordance with regulations.

To take advantage of the opportunities that the GDPR brings, and to avoid being non-compliant for future changes to privacy legislation, you must aim beyond basic compliance.

By proactively monitoring and improving your consent mechanisms and taking control over your personal information processing, your organisation can gain access to competitive advantages.

Improve efficiency, increase control and add value.

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Any organization looking to track and record the personal data they capture, store, process, share and delete needs a solution like Cassie for legal compliance. Cassie is the right solution for these times. All organizations use personal data. We are seeing new laws in most parts of the world that are designed to help protect personal data. These laws are being enforced with significant fines. Cassie should be a key part of any compliance program.

Derek A. Lackey, Managing Director, Newport Thomson

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  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by Jacobs Engineering
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Woodland Trust
  • Syrenis software is trusted by The Ford Motor Company