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Strengthen brand trust and maximise engagement

Turn complex consent and preference management into a sleek, positive brand experience with an opportunity to increase both engagement and conversion rates with prospects and customers. We ensure your marketing efforts are fully compliant under PECR, GDPR & CCPA and abides by your user’s data consent and preferences.

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Address compliance and improve conversions

Futureproof against legislation

We are prepared for any upcoming regulations ensuring your marketing activity is compliant when changes happen. Cassie updates automatically wherever in the world your business and your customers are.

Optimise customer experience

Access deeper levels of marketing insights on your customers, by offering them granular opt-ins for each communication channel and personalising communications to make them more relevant to each individual based on their chosen interest.

Maximise customer value

Built-in tool to test what works and doesn’t work when gathering permissions, improving your sign-up conversion rates. View and segment your customers’ marketing preferences to help refine your channel and content strategies.

A single view of customer consent across all your channels

Improve the value of your marketing database

By understanding exactly what your customers have consented to at a granular level, you can drive your customer communications appropriately, creating more engagement and growing the value of your marketing data.

Refine and personalise your communications

Understand the bigger picture of your customers preferences at each stage of the marketing funnel, allowing you to refine and personalise messaging at every level with your customers. View and filter at any level of granularity.

Engage more customers with a multi-channel approach

Improved management and reporting

Drive constant improvement in your consent messaging across multiple channels including forms, cookies and social media for maximised engagement and conversion rates.

With the use of sophisticated tools across prospect touchpoints such as forms, cookies and social media, your consent messaging can deliver valuable insights into your prospect and customer base.

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Cassie enabled us to compliantly and proactively manage supporter consent for the first time. This supports our aims of being a supporter centric organisation, delivering trust and confidence with our supporters.

Rickey-Jay Elmer, Business Analyst, The Woodland Trust

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Syrenis software is trusted by and powers leading enterprises and governments across the globe

  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by Jacobs Engineering
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Woodland Trust
  • Syrenis software is trusted by The Ford Motor Company