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Optimal flexibility and maximum compliance

Through our flexible API's, Cassie integrates easily into your existing IT infrastructure, including any legacy systems. Our fully scalable, customisable solution allows your organisation complete flexibility.

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Improve processes and maximise productivity

Maintain compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance across multiple systems including customers portals and websites can be a huge resource drain for your IT teams. Cassie is automatically updated to meet new regulations making maintaining compliance easy.

Complete Transparency

Retrieving time-stamped, auditable preference data history for each individual contact can also be time consuming. Cassie enables reporting at any level of granularity needed for auditing purposes.

Seamless integration

As a cloud-based platform, Cassie integrates seamlessly and securely with your existing IT infrastructure, connecting your operational and marketing systems. Onboarding is straightforward removing lengthy delays in implementation.

A single platform to centralise all our customer consent data

Inclusive core platform updates

Cassie continually evolves with one core code base which is updated on a monthly basis in-line with customer requests. The platform also sees two core updates each year in-line with our strategic product roadmap.

Complete customisation and configuration

Cassie’s Admin portal allows you complete control over customisation and configuration of the platform. Consent statements and consent groups can be created and updated quickly and easily within the portal.

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Cassie enabled us to compliantly and proactively manage supporter consent for the first time. This supports our aims of being a supporter centric organisation, delivering trust and confidence with our supporters.

Rickey-Jay Elmer, Business Analyst, The Woodland Trust

Trusted by…

Syrenis software is trusted by and powers leading enterprises and governments across the globe

  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by Jacobs Engineering
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Woodland Trust
  • Syrenis software is trusted by The Ford Motor Company