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Advanced data collection and organisation

Collect, centralise, segment and augment data

Currently managing data collection such as enquiries, registrations, claims and promotional entries through detached, uncoordinated forms? Shake off their restrictions with the advanced data module.

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Flexible, centralised data collection

Shake off the restrictions of isolated forms. Automatically pull information from multiple forms into central data lakes where it can be reconfigured to suit your business requirements.

Enhance with metadata for even more powerful applications such as AI or machine learning. Get ready to leapfrog your competition with partially trained AI with Cassie.

Push segmented data into different systems

Pre-define rules to push details collected from specific web form automatically into your other systems, such as CRM or business intelligence platforms, on a schedule that you define.

Reconfigure your historical data at any time

If your requirements change or you wish to alter the way that you are grouping collected data, quickly and simply create new data lakes based on the criteria that you select.

Advanced data module features

Create consistent data

Define centralised form fields for use across multiple forms.

Reconfigure data

Once captured, data can be configured into different formats for different systems.

Segment data seamlessly

Attribute form fields to different data lakes from a single form.

Fully customisable forms

Use CSS to control the appearance of form fields and buttons.

Automatically generate ingestible exports

Map your fields as required to export into other business systems.

Custom fields

Define any data for collection using text, list and other common formats.

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Any organization looking to track and record the personal data they capture, store, process, share and delete needs a solution like Cassie for legal compliance. Cassie is the right solution for these times. All organizations use personal data. We are seeing new laws in most parts of the world that are designed to help protect personal data. These laws are being enforced with significant fines. Cassie should be a key part of any compliance program.

Derek A. Lackey, Managing Director, Newport Thomson

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