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Enterprise Cookie Management Solution

Implement the Cookies module to make cookie compliance under PECR, GDPR & CCPA straightforward for your organisation, including requirements for multiple languages and brands. Respond to changes in regulation quickly and effectively.

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True cookie compliance

Cassie approaches the complex issue of cookie management from a whole new perspective! Cassie brings you the business benefit of being able to see a holisitc single picture of a data subjects’ preferences and agreements/consents whilst also giving you complete peace of mind.

Our cookie module allows you to regain control of the cookies on your site, letting you publish only cookies that you approve. It also protects you against cookie stuffing with regular scanning to ensure your site is secure.

Enable users to accept, decline and change their preference about specific cookies making you compliant with GDPR & CCPA guidelines.

Centrally manage preferences

Cassie is so much more than cookies. It enables cookie preferences to be matched back to a data subject, giving you a 360 degree holisitc view of your preference relationship.

Cassie also not only records cookie agreements locally on a data subjects’ device, but also centrally for analytical use, giving you the competitive edge.

Cassie can manage everything from Adobe preference landing pages to API preference calls.

Regain complete control

Either enable Cassie to manage cookie agreements in the traditional way other solutions use, by setting the values in sessions and cookies themselves, relying on the script to check these before any action occurs, or reduce risk of certain activities by storing cookie scripts from third parties centrally within Cassie for deployment only after user agreement.

Also, because Cassie only deploys these scripts after user agreement, page speeds increase, enhancing your customers online experience.

Maximise your security

Cassie regularly inspects any hosted cookie scripts to warn of payload increases, along with activities that could indicate a security breach. This could be scripts that copy data being entered to unusual locations.

Customisable with pre-made templates

Keep brand consistency with fully customisable cookie consent banner. Choose the wording, style and animation of your cookie consent banner to give visitors an experience which reflects your brand seamlessly.

To help you get up and running quickly, we provide customisable templates with pre-built CSS classes.

Multilingual and multi-brand capability

Cookie consent banner can be created in multiple languages and for different brands, making this solution ideal for organisations which operate across the globe or who run several brands simultaneously.

Cookies module features

Easy to set up and operate

Switch individual cookie scripts on and off just in a few clicks.


Customise consent banner for individual brands if you have more than one.

Centrally managed

Consent is fed back into a secure, centralised system in real time.

Automatic cookie table generator

Creates a ready-made table for use within your website’s cookie policy.

Genuine compliance with PECR and GDPR

Only allows cookie placement after consent has been granted.


Easily manage cookie consent across multiple territories.


Site visitors are put in control of their own consent.

Payload scanning

Monitor the size of the scripts being loaded for your site for speed and changes.

Individual level consent

Track individual consent using anonymous IP and browser data.


Not owned or affiliated with online advertising providers.

Customisable web widgets

Create cookie opt-ins which work with your existing branding.

Tag manager

Works with Google tag manager, Adobe DTM & Launch.

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We found Syrenis very easy to work with; expert and responsive. Their approach to agile working, coupled with their ability to fully understand our requirements helped to ensure that the system was right first time and delivered on time.

Daisy Houghton, Head of Secretariat and Corporate Services, Fundraising Regulator

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