Branded interface for self-management of preferences

Build trust and empower your contacts to manage their own data and preferences

Nothing builds trust like empowering your customers to decide how they would like to hear from you. Expand Cassie with this module to allow your customers to manage their own details in an easy to use and fully brandable interface, improving the efficiency go your data.

Put your contacts in charge of their preferences

A public portal frees up your internal teams to do what they do best, maximising your productivity, by letting your contacts manage their own preferences in a dedicated portal.

Modern problems need modern answers

Configure to ensure appropriate data control

You have full control over what users can edit within their portal. Allow them to update their own contact information or simply manage their marketing channel opt-ins.

Fully brandable

The portal can be configured and customised to ensure that the experience of managing personal data and preferences feels familiar and seamless for your customers.

Syrenis Cassie Public portal module features

Enable users to manage their own preferences

Proven to help retain more of your database.

Brand to match your organisation's identity

Fully customisable with CSS skins, create a consistent look and feel.

Manage personal data in an efficient way

Enable users to update their own personal information.

Real time centrally managed updates

Information is written back into Cassie in real time to keep it up to date.

Image of woman smiling

We found Syrenis very easy to work with; expert and responsive. Their approach to agile working, coupled with their ability to fully understand our requirements helped to ensure that the system was right first time and delivered on time.

Daisy Houghton, Head of Secretariat and Corporate Services, Fundraising Regulator

Trusted by…

Syrenis software is trusted by and powers leading enterprises and governments across the globe

  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Fundraising Preference Service
  • Syrenis software is trusted by Xerox
  • Syrenis preference management software is trusted by the Woodland Trust
  • Syrenis software is trusted by The Ford Motor Company