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From our highly skilled developers right through to our dedicated support specialists, the Syrenis team is committed to customer satisfaction.

  • Nicky Watson

    Nicky Watson

    Chair of the Board of Directors / Chief Architect

    Nicky is the Chief Architect at Syrenis, as well as Chair of the Board of Directors. She has an unusual combination of technical and design skills and has been working in online application development for the last 20 years. Her focus on customer service ensures that Syrenis is heavily committed to supporting all its users across the globe.

  • Glenn Jackson

    Glenn Jackson


    Glenn is spearheading the next stretch of our exciting growth journey. He has 25 years’ experience running successful software and customer contact businesses, combining considerable software know-how with a passion for high quality service. Glenn is responsible for operational and commercial aspects of Syrenis.

  • David Murfitt

    David Murfitt

    Chief Technology Officer

    With a focus on prevention, Dave has ownership of security and compliance of Syrenis products and services, ensuring that our infrastructure and hosting provision can withstand and deter external threats. Whilst delivering world class security protection that exceeds industry standards and regulations, David is also responsible for internal technology solutions used by Syrenis staff.

  • Rebekah Glynn

    Rebekah Glynn

    Head of Technical Delivery

    With extensive experience in the software industry, including web development, IT support and people management, Rebekah joined the team in 2008. As Head of Technical Delivery she is a specialist in project and service management and process improvement, responsible for the technical and support teams, project delivery and overseeing the continuing development of the Syrenis product family.

  • Rebekah Glynn

    Marc Le Maistre

    Head of Client Delivery

    From a background in software project delivery within the Government, telecommunications and transport sectors, Marc joined Syrenis in 2019. His expertise in software and project management make him an invaluable addition to the Syrenis team, allowing him to take client service to new heights for the software company.

  • Nick Elbra

    Nick Elbra

    Innovation & Development Manager

    As Innovation & Development Manager, Nick leads on new project development, liaising closely with clients to identify needs and working in collaboration with our team of developers to find responsive solutions. With 25 years’ experience in software development, Nick oversees database management and maintenance, ensuring systems run safely and smoothly, remaining compliant with industry regulation.

  • Christian Delroy

    Christian Delroy

    Support Manager

    Heading up our support team, Christian places customer experience firmly at the centre of his ethos; managing effective working relationships with customers. As a skilled communicator, he’s known to speak French with international clients from time to time. His qualifications in Computer Science and Engineering have made Christian a first-class coder able to oversee the support process right through to resolution.

  • Kevin Lawrence

    Kevin Lawrence

    Web Developer

    Kevin is a key member of the web development team, combining a genuine passion for building web-based applications and wrangling SQL with a wealth of experience in project management. With extensive insight into software development disciplines and managing business change, Kevin brings a unique and practical approach to the development of robust and innovative solutions for our clients.

  • Mike Suffield

    Mike Suffield

    Web Developer

    Mike is a full-stack developer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional applications. He works in both front-end and back-end technologies writing dynamic, efficient, and robust code to industry standards for Syrenis customers. He is digitally curious and likes to stay up to date with the latest tech.

  • Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt

    Support Specialist

    With an extensive background in customer support, Chris is an excellent problem solver and the first port of call for any customer issues. He is dedicated to ensuring each and every client has the best possible customer experience with Syrenis.

  • Nick Leigh

    Nick Leigh

    Support Specialist

    A recent university graduate, Nick brings with him a fantastic knowledge of the latest coding practices and design patterns. At Syrenis, Nick applies his skills to quickly resolve customer queries and helps to develop new systems.

  • Claire Loasby

    Claire Loasby

    Office Manager and Finance

    Claire is responsible for the day-to-day accounts of the company, including invoices and expenses. An indispensable member of the team, she also manages client training and other office logistics, whilst providing administrative support to the CEO and directors.

  • Louise Thompson was Coyne

    Louise Thompson

    Project Implementation Manager

    Louise brings to Syrenis 5 years’ of experience in project management and customer support for software implementation. She is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly for customers throughout each and every project, from initial planning and onboarding right the way through to go live.

  • Daniel Roberts

    Daniel Roberts

    Support Specialist

    With a BEng in Software Engineering, Daniel is an aspiring web developer with a passion for programming. He applies his existing skill to troubleshoot for clients and ensure that any queries are resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • David McInerney

    David McInerney

    Commercial Manager

    From a background in publishing, development and SaaS, David is responsible for Syrenis’ reseller partners and customer nurturing activity. He makes sure that you have what you need from us at each stage of your onboarding journey, beginning with your initial enquiry and right through to ongoing account management.

  • Jessica Thompson

    Jessica Thompson

    Marketing Manager

    Jess has 8 years of experience as a marketer working with multiple stakeholders on an international scale. Her job is to make sure that you can find Syrenis when you need us and to help you understand exactly how our products can help your business.

  • Steph Willis

    Steph Willis


    Steph has 2 years’ experience and an ISTQB foundation in testing. She is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and accountability of our development teams, helping Syrenis to provide our customers with nothing but high quality products which work flawlessly, first-time. She achieves this through thorough testing and the implementation of stringent processes and authoring of clear reference documentation.

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