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Solutions that evolve with the business landscape

Businesses are inundated with data concerning their customers whilst the processing, storage and usage of this data is increasingly protected by legislation. We aim to make compliance as simple as possible to allow you to do what you do best.

Formed by a team with a background in software development and data marketing, Syrenis Ltd came into being in February 2000. Using their first-hand experience of the challenges faced by businesses when handling personal data, founders Nicola Watson and Ian Johnstone resolved to make things simpler.

Modern problems need modern answers

Today, Syrenis is a global leader in consent management and stakeholder engagement solutions

As legislation has caught up with technology, Syrenis has continued to refine and develop innovative products.

We help businesses manage the communications preferences of their prospects, customers and other stakeholders through our flagship product, Preference Centre (now known as Cassie), launched in 2015, whilst our Stakeholder Relationship and Management Tool allows companies to keep track of their relationships with key influencers.

We constantly innovate with our preference management tool and stakeholder management software

Headquartered in Daresbury, an innovation hotspot in the North West of England, we have customers across the globe and our products have touched millions.

From our highly skilled developers right through to our dedicated support specialists, the Syrenis team is committed to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with simple, user-friendly solutions to the complex issues of consent management and stakeholder engagement through constant innovation and outstanding customer support.

The Syrenis team is committed to supporting clients and achieving customer satisfaction

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